6 oktober 2011

Twinterview with Musetta Blaauw!

Musetta Blaauw is a mother of three children and had planned to have a fourth child. Unfortunately, last year she lost her uterus during a life saving operation. Her child wish, however, has not vanished. Will she choose the path of accepting that a fourth child is no longer an option or will she be able to create an opportunity to have the family with four children she always dreamed of. On November the 7th Musetta Blaauw is a speaker at the TEDxDelft event, which is promising to be a mind blowing event! Read more about Musetta Blaauw in this previous TEDxDelft blog post I wrote.

On friday October the 14th at 20.30h, Musetta will give a live-interview via Twitter (aka Twinterview). A unique opportunity of getting to know Musetta a bit better before attending her TEDxDelft talk on November the 7th! So, if you have a question for Musetta this is your chance! Send the question(s) that you have via DM to @Sprankels or via e-mail to sprankels@hotmail.nl. You can find Musetta on Twitter as @musjes and you can follow the Twinterview via #TEDmus.

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Update: The Twinterview with Musetta Blaauw can be found here.